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{February 19, 2011}   Korea

I am posting this after a conversation I had today about the Suicide of a famous Korean actress Jang Ja Yeon in 2009. It has been reported that she had written a note detailing the names of influential members of the entertainment industry and possibly politicians with whom she had been forced to have sex with.

I have not posted specifically about the entertainment industry but her suicide highlights the fact that co-ersion and women being made to feel forced to use their bodies exists in many places, and, under many guises. Perhaps it was not officially part of her contract, but she clearly felt that she had been forced to do things against her will for the sake of her contract/future  – the consequence was suicide. Very sad.

Here is a link for the Korean Sexual Violence Relief Centre.

An article about the demand in Korea created by the US military.

and a Korean Times article about North and South Korea.


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