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{November 19, 2010}   Social Enterprise in LAOS

Following on from the Art Therapy post AFESIP LAO PDR are also training women with alternative forms of income. See here

They are selling eco friendly Beauty Products under the title Fair Beauty for information on this project or the products you can contact them at:–


{November 19, 2010}   Australian Art Therapists in Laos

I have not posted for a long time, for many reasons, but I wish to add some more relevant information with a focus on Arts.

1. I stumbled across this whilst researching Australia and Arts therapist information. In OCtober 2009 a group of Australian Art Therapists (Lydia Tan, Nyrelle Bade, Lucille O`Brian and Linda Torchia) worked with AFESIP (Acting for Women in Distressing Situations, an anti-traffiking organisation) though the Art2Healing program founded by Lydia. 

Working with social workers to help them gain a deeper understanding of the effects of trauma and how to use arts based interventions in addition to a 2 day workshop with survivors.

{September 17, 2009}   ACTION – Japan

I found out about this organisation called HELP which stands for “The House in Emergency of Love and Peace

It is a safe house somewhere in Tokyo for women who are victims of trafficking and sexual abuse. It is so great to find that there is this here 😉

{September 13, 2009}   ACTION

What can we do?

21 Ideas from A21 Campaign 

1. Education here are some links – SALVATION ARMY 

RAISING AWARENESS that the problem even exists is very important. Here is a report fro the UK parliament 

2 Partner with existing organisations more ideas from the SALVATION ARMY

3. Fundraise and donate to any of the organizations on the blog roll. Ideas could be anything – events (music, arts,films,dancing, books), cooking, jumble sale, clothes exchange,

4. Internships/volunteer. Many organisations have internship opprotunities. Here are some to help you get started. 






5. Help Identify and refer victims click here and here for info

6. Pray

here  and here are some resources

7. Support events from groups working on this issue (see Tokyo concerts).

{August 30, 2009}   FILMS

After talking with a friend of mine who is a filmaker today, I realised that film is an incredibly powerful medium through which to raise awareness about issues but also about how these issues effect individual peoples lives. I watched a trailer for the film The Stoning of Soraya M  powerful stuff. Which leads me to write this post in reference to films dealing with the issue of Human Trafficking.

The Sold Project have made a documentary about trafficking in Thailand. Great org, I will order the film…

Here are the top ten as listed by

1.Born into Brothels

2. Slumdog Millionaire

3.NOT for Sale:The Documentary


5 Memoirs of  a Geisha

6.Very Young Girls


8.Call + Response

9.The Day my God died


To watch trailers click here

This is a site dedicated to sharing information about organisations who are working together to fight modern day slavery. It is the start of my way of answering what can I do, when faced with such a terrible and pandemic problem. At the moment I am compiling links of other organisations who are collectively focusing on bonded labour and sexual slavery. 

A good introduction is this video from the A21 campaign. As I am currently based in Japan I will also be focusing on organisations working in South East Asia. Please feel free to add information and/or comments as I believe the best way to help stop this is through awareness raising and information/resource sharing.


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