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These were kindly put on Facebook by Jennifer Gracey director of the Ihop Tokyo, who have a focus on trafficking on Mondays 12pm – 1pm.

Some statistics about child pornography in Japan

see here

Japan Fails to Pass the Bill banning child Pornography.

see link here

This is very sad news.

Some more positive news (if you can see it that way) is the arrest if two Japanese men in Thailand for trafficking offenses.

see link here


{January 26, 2010}   CNN documentary

CNN will air a documentary focusing on stories from Cambodia this week. Showing at Et

  • Tuesday, Jan 26th: 8:30AM ET & 12:30PM ET
  • Saturday, Jan 30th: 12:30PM ET
  • Sunday, Jan 31st: 7:00AM, 2:30PM, & 10:30PM ET

Which in Japan is 11.03 pm Jan 26 (now)

2.30pm Sunday Jan 31st

9am Monday Feb 1

4am Monday Feb 1st

12.30pm Monday Feb 1st

great news is that the Japanese government have given the go-ahead to a new action plan to combat human trafficking and are organising a new team to combat child pornography.

See this Japan times article dated Dec 23

{September 3, 2009}   News articles

Some news stories that are in the links section but I wanted to highlight them. I will add more to this post as I find them, hopefully some positive ones too…

ABC news article

New York Times – Nicholas D Kristof opinion, Desperate iraqi Refugees Turn to Sex Trade in Syria

a very powerful piece with a video relating the story of Long Pross, a girl forced into prostitution aged 13, whose virginity was sold 4 times. A LIST of articles here.

Guardian article list here


BBC news article about bonded labour in the U.K.

{September 1, 2009}   The Poverty Trap

This BBC new story tells the story of Kaneez Fatima, a woman who got into the industry out of financial desperation when her husband lost his job.

et cetera