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{January 26, 2010}   INDIA

As Leah is in India here are some links and info

Jubilee Campaign

Partnering with Bombay Teen Challenge

She has been travelling to various locations, including one for women and children rescued from trafficking, details to follow but for now some pictures. Hearing a bit about Leah`s travels makes me realize that when we ask – What can I do there are many ways we CAN HELP

1. child sponsorship – prevention is very important

2. GIVE to charities which directly help women

3. Go and see/hear/talk to them

4. Fundraise and raise awareness of the scale of this problem.

LETS be aware in 2010 of what is around us.


{January 26, 2010}   Global Angels Foundation

Global Angels

This great Charity run by Human Rights Activist Christian Elliot, the focus here is on children, Reading these pages reminds me that there need to be services available in the long-term to help children find homes, education and counselling.

{January 26, 2010}   CNN documentary

CNN will air a documentary focusing on stories from Cambodia this week. Showing at Et

  • Tuesday, Jan 26th: 8:30AM ET & 12:30PM ET
  • Saturday, Jan 30th: 12:30PM ET
  • Sunday, Jan 31st: 7:00AM, 2:30PM, & 10:30PM ET

Which in Japan is 11.03 pm Jan 26 (now)

2.30pm Sunday Jan 31st

9am Monday Feb 1

4am Monday Feb 1st

12.30pm Monday Feb 1st

great news is that the Japanese government have given the go-ahead to a new action plan to combat human trafficking and are organising a new team to combat child pornography.

See this Japan times article dated Dec 23

{November 20, 2009}   CALL for art work submissions

CAST an L.A based group are asking for submissions for artwork which will be used for an upcoming campaign poster.

This is a good opportunity for Artists to get involved. See this page for details.

I was lucky to meet Journalist, writer, film maker and activist Sylvia Yu who was on a short trip to Japan to interview people about Comfort Women. These are women who were forced to work as prostitutes by the Japanese military. See this wikipedia entry for more info and here for more detailed paper and info.

Her blog is full of useful and heart breaking information and stories but is a testament to the womens courage and strength in telling their stories. She interviewed Dr Yoshimi Yoshiaki who is trying to advocate an openess in Japan about this topic.


This week (March) I had coffee with UK freelance journalist Helen Croyden. She has written a number of articles about the sex trade and has a very unbiased view of the pros and cons of women choosing to work within the industry, however we both recognise the fact that many smart, beautiful and entrepreneurial women are wasted in this industry. No-one could argue that trafficked people choose to do what they are forced to, and as with sexual exploitation after a period of “seasoning” their ability to act freely has been severely diminished by repeated beatings and torture.

{October 21, 2009}   Leah Dubuc and songs

Leah is a good friend of mine and will be travelling to India to work with N.G.Os who are working in the field, as her plans unfold she has promised to write to me with her impressions and photos. I want to post these as and when as I think it can be overwhelming to read a lot of facts and figures, so I plan to create a category titled LEAH for those updates.

I also want to expand on the ACTION ideas as I think without taking positive steps it is easy to feel defeated and overwhelmed with the size of the task. 

On a related note I heard about the Irish band BlueTree`s song This City about 6 months ago but was reminded of it. Here is the background info to the song…

This talk will take place on Friday 23rd October at 7pm Nagahara station.
Youth With A Mission, Tokyo, would like to invite you to an evening of prayer on behalf of a very serious issue facing women and children around the world: sexual trafficking and slavery of women and children. Photographer Susi Childers with Voice for the Voiceless, a ministry of Youth With A Mission, will share through photographs and stories the plight of these victims. Please join us on Friday evening, October 23rd, to learn more and respond in prayer. Please feel free to invite others.  There is no cost involved.
Location: Fountain of Life Church  (Church website with map: )
Address: 1-12-5 Kami-ikedai, Toko Building 4F, Ota-ku  (one minute walk from Nagahara station)
Time: 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Also, please visit these websites to learn more:

The ministry of Voice for the Voiceless: or:

There are also two other meetings in Tokyo:

Sumida Bible Church (Oct.22):

Charity Concert (Oct.30) :


YWAM Tokyo


ドイツ出身の写真家、スージ チルダーズ氏が来日し、彼女の写真を紹介しながら「声なき者たち」の実情を分かち合います。どうぞお友達といっしょにお集まりください。共に祈りましょう。
祈り会 いのちの泉キリスト教会
日時:10月23日 午後7時
場所: 〒145-0064 東京都大田区上池台1-12-5東興(長原)ビル4階 ( )
墨田聖書教会 「声なき者たちの声」を聴く特別イベント
墨田区墨田3-19-4 電話:3619-0195  東武伊勢崎線「鐘カ淵駅」下車、徒歩7分
チャリテイーコンサート 玉川聖学院谷口ホール
世田谷区奥沢7-11-22 東横線「自由が丘駅」下車、徒歩6分
問い合わせ:090-4414-4237, 090-4835-3090

{September 17, 2009}   ACTION – Japan

I found out about this organisation called HELP which stands for “The House in Emergency of Love and Peace

It is a safe house somewhere in Tokyo for women who are victims of trafficking and sexual abuse. It is so great to find that there is this here 😉

{September 13, 2009}   ACTION

What can we do?

21 Ideas from A21 Campaign 

1. Education here are some links – SALVATION ARMY 

RAISING AWARENESS that the problem even exists is very important. Here is a report fro the UK parliament 

2 Partner with existing organisations more ideas from the SALVATION ARMY

3. Fundraise and donate to any of the organizations on the blog roll. Ideas could be anything – events (music, arts,films,dancing, books), cooking, jumble sale, clothes exchange,

4. Internships/volunteer. Many organisations have internship opprotunities. Here are some to help you get started. 






5. Help Identify and refer victims click here and here for info

6. Pray

here  and here are some resources

7. Support events from groups working on this issue (see Tokyo concerts).

et cetera