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{September 5, 2009}   FOCUS – South East Asia

Unesco made a report

Combating Trafficking

in South-East Asia

A Review of Policy and Programme



see it here


Other reports include


South East Asia’s first “Women’s Court” on trafficking and HIV in Bali




Coalition Against Trafficking in Women (page)


BBC article about Thailand


Japan Times – Feb 2009 reports on Japan`s failure to prosecute those caught


UCLA  International Institute report on sexual abuse and trafficking in Japan


Wikipedia: Human Trafficking in Japan


Prof Meryll Dean has published an article here about the legal situation in Japan.


Japan Subculture Research Centre 


short documentary about trafficking from China to Japan


{September 3, 2009}   News articles

Some news stories that are in the links section but I wanted to highlight them. I will add more to this post as I find them, hopefully some positive ones too…

ABC news article

New York Times – Nicholas D Kristof opinion, Desperate iraqi Refugees Turn to Sex Trade in Syria

a very powerful piece with a video relating the story of Long Pross, a girl forced into prostitution aged 13, whose virginity was sold 4 times. A LIST of articles here.

Guardian article list here


BBC news article about bonded labour in the U.K.

et cetera